Gurur Brahma                          

Gurur Vishnu                            

Gurur Devo Maheshwaraha      

Gurur Saakshaat Parabrahma 

Tasmei Shri Gurave Namahah


Bhakti Flow Circle for Kali Ma

Saturday 26th October, Yogasara Studio,

Picton Street, Bristol


£15 and on Move GB

For more details see here


Happy to be teaching as part of the BRISTOL YOGA TRAIL this year.

Join me in the mornings for Vinyasa Yoga @ Bristol City Yoga, & for a Meltdown Kirtan to close off the evening (Yogasara 7.30-9.30pm).

All happening on Saturday 12th October, see here for more info....

Join me at YOGIFIC FESTIVAL in Bristol on Saturday 7th September.

There are workshops & classes all at a bargain entry price of £6.60!

Join me for Anusara-Inspired Vinyasa Flow at 12 noon, & Kirtan at 3.50pm.

If you are interested in MYSORE or BABY YOGA at my home studio PLEASE GET IN TOUCH - classes are on a limited timetable at the moment...

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Invocation to Ganapati

In the forest of Time

upon the beauteous Tree of the world

hovers Kali Shakti, the divine humming bee,

deep blue in hue, eyes spitting fire.

The six legs of this bee

- so say the sages of yore -

are the six paths to liberation...

She is the embodiment of love

the source also of pain

- bestowing, withdrawing are her double deeds.

Life is meaningful if this truth be seen.

Subrahmania Bharati from The Mystique of MahaKali

(translated from Tamil by Vidya Dehejia)