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"Arianna carries a really a special energy. I've been searching for some time for a yoga teacher who has the calming and centred presence I need to help me drop deeper into my body and into my truth and I found it in Arianna. She is a true gift. With the voice of an angel and an openness in body and Spirit, I am consistently moved by her and grateful for her. Only someone who has been to places you have not can guide you there and I sense with Arianna her soul is deeply calling her to share with us this path forwards into the unchartered Great Mystery."

(Emma Harper, Yoga student)

"Arianna you are a fantastic teacher. I have always resisted Asana yoga although I love pranayama, chanting and other spiritual practices which I have been doing/being for many years. I knew if I was to start then I wanted it to be a strong Asana Yoga that pushed me and I wanted a teacher with integrity, who knew and practised the true depth of Yoga. I feel I have found both :)"

(M. L. , Yoga student)

"Arianna has been my yoga teacher at Tor Leisure,

Fusion, for over a year (she is the best yoga teacher I have

experienced, on many levels, from maybe 50 different teachers around the


(K. H., Yoga student)

"Good morning, I just wanted to leave some excellent feedback for an excellent teacher at your studio. She told me her name twice and I still can’t remember, starting with A. She was fabulous, really detailed precise instructions and articulation. I felt super safe and comfortable in her class and was also appropriately challenged and softened"

(Elizabeth Bowman, visiting teacher from Australia)


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