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I offer Group Sound Meditations & One-to-One therapies using Tibetan Singing Bowls, tingshaw (cymbals) & other instruments to relax & revitalise the body, mind & energy system.

Come, recalibrate, recharge, realign...& enjoy..

For one-to-one sound healing - see THERAPIES

I trained in the therapeutic use of singing bowls with the beautiful Santa Shakya in Kathmandu in 2010. I use the bowls I bought from him back then, traditional antique 7-metal bowls from Tibet that I chose intuitively from a dusty warehouse full of amazing bowls, painstakingly testing each one for its chakra resonance guided by his assistants & my own intuition. They don't match (physically), they're not all shiny, but they are a unique set of 7 healing bowls chosen specifically for 7 bowl chakra-singing bowl therapy, each one resonating with a particular chakra.

The therapeutic use of singing bowls originated in the Kham region of Tibet. Samon (healers) used to use Furba (Tantric knives) in combination with the Dabka (singing bowls) filled with water, after which the water was drunk for its healing powers. At this point the bowls were used for the healing qualities of the 7 metals of which the bowls were made, rather than for their sound. Similarly, for many years after this, and especially after the Tibetan people settled throughout Northern India, the bowls became increasingly used in cooking for their healing qualities. Their use as a tool for sound healing was discovered around 800 years ago and has been developed in combination with other healing systems from around the world. 

Sound Work

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