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Ayurveda - nutrition & lifestyle

Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle

I first qualified as Jyoti Ayurveda - 'Light on Ayurveda' with the Sivananda Vedanta lineage in 2009, & over the past 9 years have put the truths of the tradition to test through my own changes in diet & lifestyle. Having moved in & out of times of synchronicity with this system - which is the sister science to Yoga - there is now absolutely no doubt in my mind that Ayurveda is fundamentally the simplest & most effective healthcare & lifestyle intelligence system there is. In my mind & in my body as my very own living experiment, Ayurveda beats contemporary health fads hands down, with its simple & ancient intelligence.

As I see it Ayurveda & Yoga together provide a solid preventative healthcare system for body, mind & energy, and foolproof, fad-free lifestyle guidelines that have been tried & tested over a vast period of time & will support you back into balance. Most importantly, they address any underlying imbalances that are actually at the root of any health problems.


Initial consultations will be longer (1 hour), follow-up appointments are 30 mins. Please contact me to arrange an initial consultation. These are currently being offered online via zoom.



Contact me for more information & to book.



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