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This class draws on my training in Anusara Yoga - an uplifting, alignment-based practise that is deeply rooted in non-dual Tantric Philosophy. It is strong yet flowing, and precise with a focus on practising safely, but at the same time is a practise built upon opening the heart; Anusara literally meanings 'flowing with Grace'. I came to Anusara from a strong Ashtanga practise & what I found in my amazing teacher Bridget Woods Kramer was the fusion of strength, grace and a tangibly human tenderness of heart so profound that I knew I had to embrace this practise. In Anusara I found a complement to the strength of Ashtanga Vinyasa, and a calling to soften my heart from the front and the back every time I step onto the mat. The practise has a playfulness and fluidity of its own, a unique language for alignment, & a focus on a strong sense of community or 'kula'.


I draw on my deep love of music in my classes, incorporating chanting & breath work. Come with an open mind & heart & give this time to yourself.

Beginner yogis always welcome, just be prepared to move and to sweat!


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