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Workshops & Bhakti Sadhana

Kalike 2022

In celebration of Kali Puja, this is an evening dedicated to beauty in the form of deep vinyasa, sound bath, meditation and chanting.

Deepening Sadhana workshop, be prepared to work deep and to immerse in Truth, Love as it is through your entire expression.

All welcome including men and women, any questions please get in touch.

Space is limited so booking advance is a good idea.

October 21st 7 - 9.45pm, Yogasara,






If you are interested in my workshops on the Mahavidyas, please get in touch. Wisdom Goddess workshops and courses.

100 hour CPD course, BWY accredited.


Female deities, forces for awakening, wisdom goddesses. For more info. see you here.


ASHTANGA COURSE - friday afternoons, 4.30pm - 6.30pm.



Introduction to Second Series


Alignment detail for all primary asana.


Breath, Ethics, Bandhas.


£20 per afternoon or £50 for the three.






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