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My approach to teaching Hatha Yoga combines my love of Vinyasa - the synchronising of breath with movement - with both my respect for good alignment & my innate resonance with the philosophy at the heart of the Yoga Tradition - something I have always felt that I innately understood.

Whilst I love to try out new forms & inspirations in my practise & my teaching, I remain at heart deeply respectful of the pure, unadulterated teachings of The Yoga Tradition, knowing that they are themselves more vast than the sky &, so, more than sufficient a vehicle for practise, exploration & self-expression.

In my classes I want to help you come home to yourself through your body, your breath & your mind. Sometimes I use music, sometimes I don't, sometimes I focus on alignment, at other times the breath, but most importantly I try to teach to & react to the needs of whoever comes to my class on any given day. I endeavour to show up ready & present to help you in a way that is inspiring, appropriate, useful & anatomically & energetically safe.

Someone recently asked me if there was silence in my classes. I answered unequivocally YES. Whilst I think it is useful to give guidance on alignment and other aspects of the practise, I will always turn you towards the sound of your own breath, the stillness of your mind and your being, and your own inherent wisdom.


I feel passionately that an individually appropriate Hatha Yoga practise, guided by one's own wisdom as well as the right teacher, can keep anyone healthy & grounded, in body, mind, energy & spirit.


What you need to know....

I welcome all levels in my classes, & some of my classes are for specifically-designated levels. It's helpful if you can come with openness of heart & mind, at least for the duration of the class; & a willingness to listen to, & make effort to engage with, the teachings, & that you respect the class as a sacred space & time for yourself & for the others present in the room.

Wearing flexible clothing helps, please remove shoes, & please switch off your mobile phone.

If you have any doubts about anything at all in advance of trying a class, please get in touch :)

My Approach

..Om Kalikayai cha vidmahe

Shamshaanevaasinyae dhimahi

Thanno aghora prachodayathe...

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