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Resonating in me, Such a beautiful space,

I just can't let it be, Now that I've had a taste.

Such a beautiful now, beyond grateful to see,

Past the where, what & how; to the Siva in me.

Sivoham, Sivoham, Sivoham, Sivoham

Sivoham, Sivoham, Sivoham, Sivoham


Not a name, nor a form, Not like nothing I know,

So then how to go on? Along which path to go?

Follow your nose, take it back to the source

'Cos something in you knows what it's looking for.

Arunachala Arunachala Arunachala Arunachala

Arunachala Arunachala Arunachala Arunachala.


Yes it’s all well and fine to just do what you’re told

Towing the straight line, living stories of old

Never troubling to look past the cloth and the seams

To the source of the brook to what it all means

Sri Ramana Gurudev Namah Sri Ramana Gurudev Namah

Sri Ramana Gurudev Namah Sri Ramana Gurudev Namah



Who knows where it came from? Something calling me clear,

Whispering my name, 'There's something for you here';

And I laugh & I cry at the simplicity,

Thiruvannamalai, It all stopped here for me.


Thiruvannamalai 2011

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Resting behind my breath 

In a new landscape of being

You’ve moved in, to stay, 

And filled up my consciousness

Battered and old, 

I love them ‘cos they’re yours

Stubby and worn, 

But shining of you.

Everything is pulsating, 

Light vibrating

And at the core of it all, 

Mottled, beautiful you.


Boudhannath, 2011


Drawing Inwards

Drawing inwards, resting as

Sitting with the chaos

Here & there a steadiness fractured

Holding firm beyond my quivering grasp

Timeless silence, inner perfection

Timeless silence, inner perfection

Quiet knowing guides this ship

Inner magic of fantasy tales

Deeper, deeper, beauty hiding

Pulsating void within my vulnerability

Inner silence, timeless perfection

Inner silence, timeless perfection

As within, so without

Let it be simple, no struggle, no shout

Barriers breaking, understanding dies

Here at the border, open my eyes

Crumbling at the boundary line, dissolving into a space beyond time

Effortlessly losing hold, dissolving virtual barriers of old

Nothing left, no words to say

Being, watching, holding the play

Revealed within delusion mists

Shining, shining gate of bliss

Revealed within delusion mists

Shining, shining gate of bliss.

Flowing with the tide, going with the flow

Nothing left to hide, nowhere left to go

I never could have guessed life could be so easy

I get in such a mess, and oh, for such a high fee



Bouncing here and there, doesn't matter to me

'Cos I am everywhere, and everywhere is in me

Trying to hold on to what's just a game of traces

There's nothing here all gone; no names, no things, no faces.



Empty-headedness, and cool wind passing through me,

In this life so blessed, and so happy, so free

But watch out form behind, don't miss this understanding,

Don't give it to your mind, keep flying never landing.



That was how it seemed, but was goes up must come down again;

To face what's not been seen, And live on earth amongst men.

It's just the way things are, it's pointless to resist it,

In form I'll travel far, quite happy in my own skin.


Varanasi, 2011

Somehow I heard it

Calling faintly from the chaos

Pack your bags my lady

It’s home time.

Fumbling at one hundred miles an hour

Clueless to the cause

Blind to the deeper knowing

Ripening by its own rhyme.

I wouldn’t have it any other way

Blossoming by its own hand

Transience passing, peeling away

Dissolving into the space beyond

Vanishing without a trace, all gone.

Trust. I surrender.

Sit back and watch.

No more my concern.

Tears indescribable. Swallow me.

Tears indescribable. Swallow me.

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